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What's the difference?? Glad you asked, read on!

ShorteNZ can provide you with a cost effective method for shortening your URLs. We have our own "short" domain name which you can use if you really want... Better yet though, we'll help you to find a short domain of your own, that resonates with your company!" Why have YOUR OWN short domain?

You tell us... What looks better:



its.me/abc123 (where its.me is a short domain we will work with you to get).

Having your OWN short domain name makes your company look very tech savvy. It removes that "public" look and says to your clients you can trust this link, we shortened it ourselves and we're in control of where you'll be sent when you click on it!! That's important in this day and age, safety and security on the Internet, for your clients.

Contact us at info@shorte.nz and get signed up for a 30day free trial. We'll walk you through the details of the service, the registration process and show the format of the reporting of the analytics available for your shortened URLs.

get2.it! :D

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